Customer and event data contain valuable information. Together we'll make this information work for us.

Data is the new gold. Especially today, when switching providers is easier than ever and all revolves around customer loyalty. Customer and event data are key to enable personalized customer interaction and customer contact. This requires a deep understanding of every single customer interaction as well as a continuous improvement to be able to build up a strong and close customer relationship.

The entire customer journey now takes place on a mobile screen. With its digital communication tools in the order-to-cash process, PulseDC collects event data for companies with large numbers of transactions. This is of the utmost importance since linking these event data to customer data, creates a wealth of information. Based on this data, using process mining and machine learning our Pulse Connected Engine is able to continously identify the most effective and efficient way to utilize our digital communication tools in order to maximize the outcome/payment ratio. Artificial intelligence (AI) provides reliable predictions about the behavior of (potential) customers and therefore offers the possibility to optimise business processes.

Data is the new gold. Data provides insight, proves, predicts and controls, provided it is collected, stored and analyzed in the right way. In short: data calls! With the help of data and advanced technology we are now able to create the ultimate customer journey together with you.