Our mission is to assist large corporations to make the most of their client & event data.

We focus on creating, collecting and analyzing customer & event data originating from the order2cash trajectory. Using scientifically based, meticulous process mining technology and artificial intelligence (AI) we analyze and optimize order-to-cash processes. To this end, we have developed the Pulse Connected Engine; our proven SaaS solution to connect systems, applications and processes using API technology and algorithms for an efficient information exchange

En Ourbusiness
We build the bridge between customer and event data on the one hand and business processes on the other. We create synergy using digital communication, artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics.

Large companies with many transactions

Reliable predictions regarding the behavior of new and existing customers require substantial quantities of customer and event data. That is why we focus on large companies with many (logged) transactions, such as telecom companies, energy companies and financial institutions. For them we build the bridge between internal and external event data on the one hand and business processes on the other. We create synergy using digital communication and predictive analytics. Our digital communication, intuitive and predictive technologies can also be used for smaller organizations, such as educational and healthcare institutions.

The ultimate customer journey

Our goal is to offer the ultimate customer journey to both new as well as existing customers. Based on process mining and artificial intelligence (AI), it is possible to always make them the perfect offer, avoid payment problems, increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Furthermore, business processes can be optimized while call center, collection and marketing & sales costs, can be significantly reduced.