Thanks to a unique approach based on process mining and machine learning.

There are many moments within the order2cash process where customer communication takes place. These digital contact moments – or so called touch points - are very valuable and feed the Pulse Connected Engine. For the purpose of predictive analytics, it is crucial to carefully design and meticulously execute the communication process of the order-to-cash process. Certainly as important is a flawless automated logging of all touch points.

En Digital Communication
Effective omnichannel communication; Dispatch smartly timed, digital messages in a super-fast way without limitations.

24/7 Digital transactions and self-service

The order2cash process is a multi dimensional process and therefore consists of more than simply dispatching the right message (content) at the right time (timing). Elements like for instance, the choice of communication channel, the structure and sequence of the message, the tone of voice and the message layout, also have a substantial effect. PulseDC supports you in fine-tuning this process, by providing guidance and to help set up 24/7 digital transactions. We also provide self-service possibilities, and help set up digital communication channels, like text messaging, e-mail, voice cast, web and transaction and payment links. If desired, we are also able to adapt your customer communication in your organization’s look & feel or house style. The Pulse Connected Engine is always your starting point.

Together, step by step towards the ultimate result

The first step towards reaping results is the collection of event data around communication with customers. The Pulse Connected Engine is enabling this. Through our platform all preferred communication tools could be deployed: SMS, e-mail, voice cast, WhatsApp, QR. All of these can include a personalized payment / transaction link. Using only one data file you are able to control the dispatch of all messages; for all your brands and at any stage of the business process, for example collection. Each message triggers action, reaction or transaction (payment). This greatly improves customer engagement. Every feedback is immediately automated and taken care of online. Think for instance of reconnecting services after being cut off.

Collecting event data and linking it to customer data

Using the Pulse Connected Engine customer communication is not simply a matter of dispatching messages, but of interaction and extensive reporting. PulseDC offers complete control over communication, interaction and transactions with your clients. We enable you to communicate with them in a fast, cheap, reliable, interactive and above all personalized way which leads to an improved client engagement. If we take care of your digital communication, we present all collected data in clear BI dashboards which enables us to take the next step towards the ultimate customer journey in the order2cash process.

It is this particular step that make our services unique. We link the collected event data to your customer data. Based on the results and patterns that this yields, we are able to make business processes smarter using machine learning. Continuous training based on historical data sets will result in reliable predictions (for instance on paying or defaulting) and helps determine the most effective actions. This provides a perfect overview of everything that might influence your specific business process.