Reliable predictions and a unique approach based on hyper personalization.

During the collection phase there are many digital contact moments with the customer. These are extremely valuable and feed the Pulse Connected Engine. In view of predictive analytics it is crucial to carefully design and execute the communication process within this collection phase. Certainly as important is the automated, flawless registration of all contact moments.

En Digital Communication
Effective omni-channel’ communication, hyper-personalization and a wide variety of payment options. That is what Connect2Collect embodies

24/7 Digital transactions and self-service

Connect2Collect goes beyond simply sending the right message (content) on the right moment. In addition, the choice of channel, the message structure, the message sequence, its tone of voice and even the message layout are of importance. We provide advice on this and if needed enable 24/7 transactions for you. Furthermore we offer setting up self-service, SMS, email, voice cast, web as well as transaction and payment links. All of course in the look & feel of your organization.

Together, step by step towards the ultimate result

The first step towards result is the gathering of event data related to customer communication. Using the Pulse Connected Engine you are able to deploy all the preferred means of communication; SMS, email, voice cast, letters featuring QR codes and embedded personalized payment/transaction links. You are able to control the dispatch of all of your messages using only one data file. Each message triggers an action, a response or a transaction (payment). All feedback is immediately automatically processed online.

Collecting event data and linking it to customer data

Customer communication within Connect2Collect is a matter of interaction and registration. There is complete control over communication, interaction and customer transactions. The communication is swift, inexpensive, reliable and hyper-personalized. The gathered event data is linked to your client data. Based on the results and patterns that this yields, your dunning & collection processes becomes smarter with the use of machine learning. Continuous training based on historic data results into reliable predictions and helps determining the most effective courses of action.