Based on our vast knowledge of and extensive experience with Microsoft Power BI technology.

The Pulse Connected Engine connects systems, applications and processes for an efficient information exchange and event data collection. In order to be able to provide insight into the results of our powerful process mining and machine learning technology, our reporting tool offers valuable analyses, visual dashboards and transparent clear reports based on Microsoft Power BI. This way, direct access to all relevant data on any device is immediately made available which makes it also easy to share with colleagues.

En Reporting Consulting
Stay in continuous control by using clear visual dashboards and powerful real-time analytics.

Best of both worlds

Our reporting tool combines the best of both worlds. The valuable business intelligence insights from the Pulse Connected Engine are made transparent using graphics using the powerful technology of Microsoft Power BI. Our consultants will quickly train you, so that you are able to immediately convert event data from the order2cash process into analyses and dashboards. The PulseDC reporting tool enables decision makers at every level to acquire a full and clear understanding of the information relevant to them. This way you always stay in control.

Order-to-cash optimization

The Pulse Connected Engine bridges the gap between customer data and business processes. This yields a lot in terms of customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and savings in cost and time. Our consultants ensure a rapid and efficient implementation and advice on order2cash optimization, for example as part of credit management. In addition, our services are focused on enabling 24/7 digital transactions, offering self-service options, establishing digital communication channels, such as SMS, e-mail, voice cast, web and transaction and payment links.

Significantly increase your payment conversion through extensive order2cash optimization.