Effective data access to all common reporting tools.

The Pulse Connected Engine bridges systems, applications and processes for efficient information exchange and event data gathering. We provide insights into its output by making the data accessible to all common reporting tools like Microsoft Power BI and Qlikview. On all devices you have full access to all relevant data that is also very easy to share.

En Reporting Consulting
Stay in continuous control by using clear visual dashboards and powerful real-time analytics.

Always in control

Our consultants guide you quickly so that you are able to convert event data from the collection phase into analyses and dashboard in no time. This provides decision makers on all levels insight in information relevant to them. That’s how you always stay in control. Connect2Collect bridges the gap between customer data and company processes. This generates a lot in terms of customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and cost & time savings. Our consultants ensure a swift and efficient implementation and advice you on how to optimize your dunning & collection strategy as part of credit management.